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Softball: Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment does my daughter need?

  • Helmet w/chin strap – Make sure that the helmet fits snuggly on your daughters head.
  • Bat– The lighter the better! Aluminum only. No double wall or composite bats at this level. If you need help, please ask me.
  • Protective mask – These are not mandatory but they are very helpful, especially for first time players.
  • Glove – See attached chart.


Fastpitch Fielding Glove Sizing Chart 
Age Infield Outfield
Under 8 9″-11″ 10.5″-11.5″
9 to 13 10″-11″ 11″-11.5″
High School or Adult 11.5″-12.5″ 12.5″-13

Do I need an equipment bag?  Yes. Equipment bags make it much easier to bring and keep track of your daughters bat, glove, face mask, balls, and water.

Where do I get the right equipment? Academy Sports, Titan Team Sports, Elite Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and Play it Again Sports are local and have a good selection.

How do we break in a new glove?  Lots of ways to do this. An easy and less expensive way is to take a can of cheap shaving cream, put a liberal coat of it on the glove (inside and out) place two softballs inside the glove, tie it up with string winding from the top to the bottom, place the glove in a plastic bag and let it set overnight. Let it set for 24 hours. Take the glove out, take the string off and remove the balls, wipe it down with a rag.

What does my uniform include?  Jersey, shorts, socks, no visors included. If your child has a hard time with the sun, they are welcome to wear a visor.

Should I buy long pants?

All about hair!!!

Hair should be worn away from the face. If you are using clips, please make sure they have no decorations on them.

No jewelry –

Please mark all equipment with your daughter’s name and your phone number.

Make sure they have a pair of softball cleats. No Metal cleats.



Season Information

Softball Ages 4-18

The cutoff dates for ages should be the age as of 12/31/17. The rule states ” Each players age shall be the age she was as of December 31st, the year before the season.”

There are two softball seasons each year, a spring and fall season. Spring season starts in March and the Fall in August. For more information, please visit the softball registration page.

Fall 2018 Information

Registration: July 1, 2018 – August 15, 2018
Play: September 8, 2018 – October 31, 2018



Information from Team Mom Meeting


Softball Director: Carles Searcy

Softball Coordinator: Sal Puntasecca

Softball Coordinator: Rachel Searcy

Park Work Day: To Be Announced

Uniform Pick Up: To Be Announced

Picture Day: To Be Announced

Concession Duty –  Once the softball and baseball game schedules are set, Henry will publish his concession schedule.  Each team will have at least one turn at concessions.  This can be a fun time for team parents!  Each team is asked to provide 7 people per assigned shift.  Each team is allowed (2) buy outs.  That means that a parent may pay a concession worker to work their shift at a rate of $20.  Teens of (16 years or over) may work an adult’s shift. Teams are asked to show 15 minutes before their assigned shift.  Teams with 5:30pm shift is asked to send an “outdoor” cook volunteer 30 minutes prior.

* In case of injury, ice packs are available at the concession stand, just go to the back door and request ice.  Band-Aids are also available.

Dug Out Duties…

What is dugout duty?  Dugout volunteers are responsible for keeping the girls in the correct batting order, have them ready to go when the coach needs them, provide assistance (specially to catchers) will putting on gear.  This is needed more in the younger levels.  If you have a mom or older teen that loves this duty and are willing to do it all the time, then by all  means let them, otherwise assign parents.  What we’ve done in the past is, whoever was assigned snacks that game, also had dugout duty.

Hair and Jewelry

Please help your coach…jewelry and hair clips with decorations are not allowed on the field.  Please have the dugout volunteer check the players for jewelry and decorated hair clips.

Masking Tape & Sharpie are your best friends

Please encourage your parents to mark all equipment with their child’s name and phone number. I carry masking tape and sharpie with me to the first few games and mark any unmarked equipment.  The tape comes off easily at the end of the season, and you’ll always know who the equipment belongs to.

The Lineup…

Most coaches will do this, but just in case ask the coach for a copy of the lineup to keep in the dugout. We hang ours up from a clipboard & carbineer from the dugout fence.  The girls quickly learn to look to the clipboard for lineup questions.  It will also help the dugout parent know the lineup.

Lineup Cards
Lineup cards are cards with each players name on them.  They can be hand written on a card, creatively done on a computer, laminated with decorations, etc..  It’s up to you!  Lineup cards are clipped/hung from the dugout fence, in line-up order to make everyone’s like easy.

Buckets – What’s the deal with buckets?  If you don’t already have buckets for helmets, gloves, etc. You can get them cheap at Dollar Tree.  This is a big help for girls to throw their stuff in.  Some teams personalized them and then give them away.  Some mom’s reuse their buckets, so they might not mark them at all.  What you do is up to you and your coach.

Clearing the dugout – We are often playing games back-to-back on the weekends.  Please help your coaches and dugout parent, clear out the dugout in a prompt manner.  Equipment needs to be matched up with kids, garbage needs to be placed in cans and make sure that all personal equipment has been cleared out.  Any lost/found equipment will be held in the concession stand.

Parent Communication Remind your parents, WEEKLY, of anything coming up.  We are busy families, and email remind of deadlines and duties won’t take long.

Let your parents know that they are responsible for finding a replacement or coordinating with you for a replacement on dugout duties or snacks, if they are not able to make the game.  Little Girls and Big Girls alike, love their goodies at the end of the game and not having one is a BIG disappointment.

List of players – Make sure your coach gives you a roster with the girl’s name, parent’s names and telephone numbers. You can use the roster to compose your snack/dugout schedule

Team Trophies – Purchase trophies – The league provides trophies to first place teams only.  If you’d like to get trophies speak with your coach. If he or she is on board with the idea then you’ll find inexpensive trophies online. Ideally you want to order the trophies 3 weeks ahead of time. No one likes to have to pay for a rush shipment! You’ll then need to collect money from the parents for the trophies.

Plan team party – Best place…the park after your last game.  If you are interested, Henry at the Concession Stand will provide you with a special price for team party orders.

Coach’s Gifts – Most coaches are excited to get home made cards from the girls or gifts that involve pictures and sentiments from the players.  Think of framed pictures, picture albums, etc. Gift cards are always welcome.

Don’t feel you have to go it alone. You can absolutely delegate some duties to other parents who are willing to help.