Lacrosse Forms and Rules

2017 Lacrosse Season Forms and Certification

The following must be completed prior to the first practice in February.

If you have any questions regarding Lacrosse Physicals or Proof of Grade please

contact Cindy Haislip via email at

Link to Physical

1) Print out 2017 Physical form. Parent must fill out top portion of form and sign.  Bottom portion is to be filled out by physician. Make sure the cleared for sports box is checked and that the physicians name is printed on the form. A GFL or GBL physical form can be used as long as it states cleared for sports somewhere on the physical. If A GFL physical or GBL physical is used the top portion of the GLL form must still be completed by parent.

2) Obtain a copy of current report card, progress report or screen print from parent portal or students my e-class that shows current school year and class schedule. We do not need current grades you may black those out if you wish.

3) Go to . This is the new Gwinnett Lacrosse League's Certification System. You will need to create an account and upload the physical form and proof of grade. See instructions below:

Click on the green Register button:


Then click the blue Continue button



If you need to create and account, choose the Create Account button and follow the instructions. Make sure to enter information for the parent/guardian when creating an account. Not the child that you are registering. You will do that later. When registering and you see a drop down menu for Private/Roster/Public next to an entry choose:

– Private to not share the data with anyon

– Roster to share it only with those that are on the same team/roste

– Public to share it with anyone

For the Cell Phone entry, if you want this cell phone number to receive text messages when information about your team/schedule changes, make sure to choose your provider.

After you complete the registration for you, it will bring you back to what appears to be the same page. This is where you start to add information for your child. Fill out the form and repeat for all your children that you are playing in the GLL this season.

Make sure to accept the Code of Conduct/Emergency Medical/Grade Based Program/GLL Player-Parent Concussion agreements or you won’t be able to upload your documents. To upload your GLL Physical Form and Proof Of Grade, select the Choose File button for the respective document and find the file that you want to upload on your computer: