Multi- Child Discount

Families who have multiple children participating in one or more sports through MPAA at the same registration time (for example: football/cheerleading, baseball/softball, boys and girls basketball), will be eligible to apply for a rebate of registration fees after the third paid registration fee.

Starting with the fourth child, all subsequent registration fees will be eligible for a 50% discount in the form of a rebate. The discount will apply to the lowest registration fee for the family in descending order as to cost. Proof of residency and/or guardianship of the child will be required prior to receipt of the rebate for multi family member registration fees. The multi family rebate does not apply to out-of-county fees that may be assessed by Gwinnett County for non-resident participants. The Vice President of Administration will review all applications for rebates and submit them to the MPAA Board of Directors
for approval.