Football FAQ’s

Football – Frequently Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions and answers that have been sent to MPAA Football E-mail.  We wanted to share the information so that your concerns are addressed before registration.

Q:  I have not had a chance to get a physical for my child, when do I need to have the physical turned in?

A:  All documentation is needed by last registration if at all possible.

Q:  With so many close by associations and some coaches moving around to other associations, does it really matter where my child plays football?

A:  Your child would have a competitive advantage for Parkview high school in later years.  The MPAA football program is aligned with the high school offense and defense, as are many other associations.  It has been witnessed many times at the older levels and high school that MPAA players have the competitive edge for positions already knowing the system and drills from the 8th grade and up.  Bottom line is we highly encourage children to sign up for their youth associations aligned with their high school they are going to attend.

Q:  I have more than one child wanting to play football, do I get a discount?

A:  Families who have multiple children participating in one or more sports through MPAA at the same registration time (for example: football/cheerleading, baseball/softball, boys and girls basketball), will be eligible to apply for a rebate of registration fees after the third paid registration fee.

Starting with the fourth child, all subsequent registration fees will be eligible for a 50% discount in the form of a rebate. The discount will apply to the lowest registration fee for the family in descending order as to cost.  Proof of residency and/or guardianship of the child will be required prior to receipt of the rebate for multi family member registration fees. The multi family rebate does not apply to out-of-county fees that may be assessed by Gwinnett County for non-resident participants. The Vice President of Administration will review all applications for rebates and submit them to the MPAA Board of Directors
for approval.

Q:  Can I get a refund once I have registered?

A:  No. The refund policy for the MPAA is there is no registration refunds allowed in any sport or activity.

Q:  Football equipment is costly, is there used equipment available?

A:  MPAA Football does not store or keep used equipment due to liability and space issues.