Baseball League Information

Baseball Registration


Baseball Ages 3-19

Registration for the spring season starts in January. Fall season registration starts in July. Please visit the registration page for more information.

Fees vary by season. There are fees that apply for our of county residents as well as mandatory park fees for lighting.


Dates for all seasons including registration, beginning and ending of seasons, evaluations, etc. will be found via the registration page. Information is updated by season on these sites.

Recreational League

Tee Ball 4U will give our youngest athletes the opportunity to learn the game of baseball with kids of similar age while providing them a real game experience.  Ages 3 and 4.

Tee Ball Coach Pitch  – Although the league will have similar rules as in the past (the tee will still be available), the focus will be placed on hitting off the coach’s pitch and beginning to developing strong defensive skills. Ages 5 and 6.

Pee Wee League is two defined leagues. Pee Wee Coach Pitch and Pee Wee Kid Pitch.

The Pee Wee Coach Pitch League is designed for 7 year olds. The focus of this league is building stronger hitting skills, developing player pitchers for the first time, and continuing to build on the defensive skills developed at the Tee Ball Coach Pitch level. 7 year olds.

The Pee Wee Kid Pitch League features all kid pitch for the first time. Kids will pitch to kids the entire game.  The league is designed for our 8 year olds. The focus of this league will be on developing our future pitchers in the program. It will also provide an opportunity for our young hitters to become confident at the plate against an opposing player pitcher. 8 year olds.

Minorages 9-10

Major – ages 11-12

Pony – ages 13-14

Colt – ages 15-19