GFL Admission Policy


Adults: $4.00

Students (through high school): $1.00

65 and over (not just a grandparent): Free

Children 6 and under: Free


2015 Gwinnett Football League Rules and By-Laws

Rule 12: Admission Charges

(A) Associations will be allowed to charge a maximum admission of $4.00 for adults and $1.00 for school age children (through high school).

(B) Charges under rule 12.A are to be for Jamboree and regular season games only.

(C) Maximum admission for Play-off and/or Championship games will be $5.00 for adults and $1.00 for school age children (through high school).

(D) Free admission will be extended to certain individuals.

1. All GFL Officers and Area GFL Representatives who clearly identify themselves with current GFL cap and/or shirt, or GFL pass. (ALL PASSES MUST BE PUNCHED AT THE GATE!

2. All uniformed participants and cheerleaders from the participating association.

3. Anyone who presents a current season pass issued by the GFL. (Season passes are valid for jamboree and regular season games ONLY!)

4. Anyone who presents a lifetime GFL pass.

5. All children under the age of six (6) and Senior Citizens sixty-five (65) years or older.

6. Member associations may, at their discretion, admit gate workers, chain crews, concession workers, or board members to games where they have home team responsibility.

7. Anyone who has been stamped at a previous game that same day.