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    Mountain Park Athletic Association

    Welcome to MPAA! We are excited that you have chosen our association to invest in your child's athletic journey.  Our park is the feeder district for Parkview High School and consists of the following schools: Arcado Elementary, Camp Creek Elementary, Knight Elementary, Mountain Park Elementary, and Trickum Middle School.

    Please visit each sports' page if you have specific questions about a sport. 


    Hello All,

    Picture Day is this Sunday 9/20.  They will be held on the Multi Purpose Field.  Attached are the following documents:


    1. Covid Guidelines must be adhered to.  Parents should remain OFF the field and should social distance 6’ apart.    
    2. Photo Order Form.   This needs to be filled out BEFORE you show up.
    3. Copy of the Photo Schedule.  4U Blue Baseball should be Buckley.


    Please arrive 15 Minutes before your photo and PLEASE organize your team, however, make sure they are staying 6’ apart.  Once photos are taken, please do not linger around the field. 


    IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS THAT PICTURES ARE 100% VOLUNTARY.  The guidelines we are following are attached.  If you are not comfortable taking pictures, do NOT show up.  If you or your player are not feeling good, do NOT show up.  MPAA and Photo Ventures will follow the appropriate guidelines, however, it is imperative that you understand you are responsible for your actions and the actions of your player.  Please do your part to ensure Picture Day goes smoothly.  We have the utmost confidence our community and our members will do the appropriate thing. 

    MPAA / GFL Picture Day

    COVID 19 Baseball/Softball Plan

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    Please use our sports pages to find your direct contact before sending any correspondence to the MPAA President.

    Chris Mesh

    MPAA President