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    Open Registrations

    Lacrosse Registration Now Open

    Spring Baseball and Softball will open Dec 1st

    Mountain Park Athletic Association

    Welcome to MPAA! We are excited that you have chosen our association to invest in your child's athletic journey.  Our park is the feeder district for Parkview High School and consists of the following schools: Arcado Elementary, Camp Creek Elementary, Knight Elementary, Mountain Park Elementary, and Trickum Middle School.

    Please visit each sports' page if you have specific questions about a sport. 

    MPAA By Laws Review

    MPAA has revised its bylaws and will welcome any members to attend the December 6th or January 10th board meeting to review and discuss those if needed.  The intent is that they will be voted on and put into place during our February board meeting.

    Congrats to our Winter 2022 Photo Contest Winner

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    Please use our sports pages to find your direct contact before sending any correspondence to the MPAA President.

    Chris Mesh

    MPAA President

    P.O. Box 870748
    Stone Mountain, GA 30087