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Important Dates 2017

  • March 18th – 10am to 2pm Walk-up registration at the Depot
  • May 13th– 9am to 1pm MANDATORY fitting date at the Depot
  • May 20th – Final Walk-up registration for cheer (anyone registering after this date will not have a guarantee to receive items by camp week); Deadline to pay for Spirit fee @$40
  • July 19-20 – Draft (only for split teams)
  • July 24-276:30pm – 8pm  MANDATORY PYFA Camp hosted by PHS Cheerleading
  • July 27th– Deadline to pay $50 Spirit Fee
  • July 29th – Stunt Clinic @ FORCE Elite Allstars
  • August 12th – Jamboree
  • August 19th – 1st regular season games
  • October 8th – Cheer Off @ Infinite Energy Center


Frequently Asked Questions

When is registration?

Online registration and the first walk up registration takes place on March 18th from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Mountain Park Depot.

How much does it cost?

Cheerleading registration price $235.  There is an additional cost of $125-$135 for the cheer uniform.  Families are encouraged to attend the uniform swap.

When does the season begin?

The season begins with Jamboree date. As soon as we receive that date it will be posted online.

What is Cheer Camp, and when is it?

Cheer Camp is MANDATORY.  This is when/where the cheerleaders learn their half time routines and cheers that will be used during the season.  It takes place at the Parkview High School Stadium.  (Please note that if you have not paid in full by this date, your child will not be able to participate and will not receive their uniform.)

What are the age requirements for cheerleading?

The child wanting to participate must be 5 years old by September 1st of the year they are participating.  Cheerleaders are placed by grade.  Kindergarteners may participate as mascots.

What is Cheer Off, and when is it?

Cheer-Off  is  a fun competition where squads compete against other squads in their age groups for the title of Cheer Off Champion!  It is a great way to showcase their talents and is very exciting for the girls and families.

When are practices?

Practices begin August 1st.




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Season Information


2017 CHEERLEADING (grades 1st – 8th)  Sports Flyer

CHEERLEADING REGISTRATION FEES:  $235*.  *Includes: PYFA camp hosted by the

PHS cheerleaders, bow, camp wear, shoes, supplemental insurance, and GFL fees.  A “Spirit Money” fee of $40 must be paid by May 20.

Uniform Fee:  Additional cost of $123-$135 for the cheerleading uniform. Used uniforms for 6th – 8th graders may be purchased on a first come/first serve basis – CASH ONLY – on April 16. 1st – 5th grade will be on a new uniform cycle this year.  ALL Cheer Fees must be paid in full by June 4 for uniforms and camp wear to be ordered!


Banned Cheers

Some cheers have been banned over the past few years due to the unsportsmanlike connotation they may impose.
These cheers include:
Cookie Monster
The Cookie Monster says the “Bears” are the great big cookies at the top of the jar.
The Cookie Monster says the “Tigers” are the itty bitty crumbs at the bottom of the jar.
Cookies & Cream
Cookies, cookies, cookies and cream,
What’s the matter with the other team?
Nothin’, nothin’, nothin’ at all,
They just can’t play football.
California Oranges
California oranges, Texas cactus,
We think your team needs a little practice.
Put ‘em in a high chair, feed ‘em with a spoon,
We can beat your team any afternoon.
We’re #1, Can’t be #2, we’re gonna knock the whoopsies out of you.
1,2, 3, 4, what do you think these cleats are for?
To stomp the “Tigers”, stomp stop the “Tigers”!
HOWEVER: you could cheer like this:
1, 2, 3, 4
1, 2, 3, 4, what do you think these cleats are for?
To score, hey, hey, hey! To SCORE!
“We’ve got spirit” may only be directed to parents. This chant may NOT be directed at the opposing cheer squad
or the opposing stands.
Bang, Bang Choo Choo Train may be done only if “Bang, Bang” is changed to something else…. i.e. “Hey, Hey”, etc.