8th Grade Football

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Welcome to the MPAA 8th Grade Football Page

What separates 8th Grade football from the other age groups?

Faster and more intense – harder hitting

Closer aligned with the high school program-no guarantees on playing time and position

Players are put in positions based on skills and where needed for team success

7 on 7 tournament for skill players in the pre-season

More time commitment (practices are 2 hours, 3 nights a week and Tuesday games)

The diversity on the body types from 80 to 250+ pounds

Ages can range from 13 to15

Minimum play rule = 1 play D1 and 2 plays D2

You have higher expectations on us – we have increased expectations of players

No practice rainouts

What about Division 1 and Division 2 – what’s the deal?

The main differentiator is skill level and physicality. Kids hit their growth spurts at different times. If a player has other players in front of him in his position that are bigger, stronger, faster and more football intellectually developed than he, then he will be placed on the Division 2 team where he will get more reps, and consequently, a greater chance to develop and progress when he reaches high school. This is not a predictor of future performance or success. The D1/2 concept is a GFL rule designed to keep kids excited and interested in football into high school where players start to physically and mentally level out. Ask yourself, if you were a player, would you rather play or watch? D2 affords players who might otherwise have limited game day experiences to have a chance to play more! The process will prepare and develop better players for future years if they continue playing football in high school.